Liverpool’s Goalkeeper Pepe Reina Set For Milan Switch In January

Lack of support for the Spanish ‘keeper could force him to move to Milan as soon as January…

Pepe Reina isn’t having the best of seasons. What had once been described as rare mistakes by the goalkeeper have now become more frequent and he’s in the spotlight for being a problem at Liverpool rather than a steady custodian.

Yet these issues with his game appear to be down to lapses in concentration, a confidence issue, or simply a lack of form. There’s nothing to suggest they will be permanent, it’s not related to fitness or his age and it’s something most goalkeepers go through, even some of the very best.

But there are continual reports about his future and Liverpool losing faith in him. Nearly every newspaper had an angle on it and the gist is that he’s got until January to improve or another stopper will be brought in, with Michel Vorm at Swansea City the most mentioned.

Brendan Rodgers has backed the player up, notably after a mistake against Hearts, and there can be no long term guarantees about Reina’s future. But at just 30, the Spaniard has a good number of years left at the top level and Liverpool would be foolish to push him out of the club based on a lack of form.

Calciomercato and SportWitness carry on reports that Milan are looking at bringing in Reina, and that link has been around all summer. 35-year-old veteran Cristian Abbiati’s deal expires next June and the Serie A side want a replacement.

Milan, like Liverpool, haven’t started the season as they would have wished but unlike Liverpool are still likely to finish high enough to get a Champions League place. Rather than a move there being a step down, Reina could view it as a new chance and if the reports continue about his future – without further back-up form Liverpool – then he may decide to make the decision to leave himself.


5 responses to “Liverpool’s Goalkeeper Pepe Reina Set For Milan Switch In January

  1. We really need a new keeper. I’d like our scouts to look Ter-Stegen (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Ron-Robert Ziller (Hannover), Mattia Perin (Pescara, on loan from Genoa) and Ojeda (Argentino Juniors) very carefully.


  2. Reina is still a quality Keeper despite not having a good season at the moment, but I think he needs a change of scene. At liverpool he’s become abit too complacent there, and thinks he’s the no.1 whatever – as there no competition for him really. A move to Milan would rejuvenate him and Milan fans would soon change their opinions of him. Liverpool should get Vorm in to replace Reina as he really is in top form right now (The Everton result aside)…….or failing that someone like Minoulet, the Sunderland keeper who I think is definitely an underrrated keeper. The save he pulled off against West Ham the other day was as good as anything Reina has done, and Cech for that matter, when at his best.

    Rodgers should let Reina join Milan this coming January, and buy Vorm as replacement.Swansea won’t be keen to let Vorm go in mid season though……so maybe do a deal….something like Vorm for a Liverpool squad player plus cash.


    • Well yeah. He is a great goalkeeper, except for the silly mistakes he sometimes does. That is the reason I don’t want him to be a permanent replacement for Abbiati. Reina reminds me so much of Dida – amazing skills, awkward decisions and silly mistakes.
      However, a January move to Milan? Why not. It’d be like a 6-months trial for the Spaniard and if he proves right – he might get a permanent switch. In my opinion that is the best option.
      Also in my opinion the Premier Leagues has some of the best goalkeepers in the world, or should I even say the best.
      Cech, Reina, Lindegaard, De Gea, Mignolet, Foster, Vorm, Szczesny, Mannone, Guzan, Hart, Krul, Begovic, Lloris, Al-Habsi… I almost wrote every single club’s gk 😀
      Anyway, thanks for sharing your though and Warm Regards,


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