OFFICIAL: Red Bulls Bring Kaka’s Brother & Former Milan Defender Digao On Trial

The free agent is now trying out with the Red Bulls…

Earlier this summer, NYPost reported that American giant Red Bulls were interested in signing Kaka, and that the team submitted a bid to Real Madrid for the Brazilian star, which was later rejected. Now comes the little tantalizing nugget that the Red Bulls have brought Kaka’s brother Digao in on trial.

According to BigAppleSoccer, the Brazilian center-back Rodrigo Leite is officially on trial with the club. Digao underwent a physical today and has impressed the coaching staff.

Currently out of contract, the 27-year-old has played for Milan in Italy’s Serie A. Rodrigo Izecson dos Santos Leite – or Digao for short, in the typical Brazilian style – signed with the Italian giant at 19, but spent much of the eight years since either playing with their reserves or on loan.

Red Bulls coach Hans Backe said he was impressed with with his strength size and ability in the air.

“Rodrigo, he’s on trial, the big, tall guy,’’ said Backe. “He just had his testing today, a fitness test, training. He’s a free agent, Brazilian, played in Italy. Belongs to Milan, but been on loan to Serie B Lecce. He played some games, but mostly for Milan’s reserves.

The former Milan flop arrived last week and went through his first training session Friday. And while coach said he’s doing well, the lack of playing time meant today’s fitness test could be the make-of-break factor that determines his signing.

“He’s done quite well with us,’’ said Backe. “When you pick up players during this transfer window, offseason, it’s about fitness. We don’t have that much time, seven games to go and then the playoffs. So that’s why we made the test today, and we’ll probably get the answer later today. But he’s done well, a solid centerback, good in the air of course because of his height, composed, good to build up.’’

Whether The Red Bulls decide to sign Digao, or not – at least he shouldn’t have a hard time finding a place to stay, as Real Madrid’s Kaka has a luxury apartment in Manhattan not far from the Garden.

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