SPECIAL: Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Sale To PSG Looking Increasingly Foolhardy

Leaving the Rossoneri wasn’t on Ibra’s mind, however now we take a look at what Milan are missing so bad…

Milan’s decision to cash in on Zlatan Ibrahimovic looks like a bad one, after the Rossoneri once again failed to score in the San Siro this week.

Up against an Anderlecht side 32 places below them in the UEFA club coefficient, and a good 18 places adrift in the Champions League betting, Milan put on a dispirited display to draw 0-0 in their opening Group C game of the Champions League.

Already six points behind leaders Juventus in Serie A, Massimiliano Allegri was no doubt hoping a European rout would inspire his men back to winning ways this season, yet it appears that the Rossoneri fans will have to wait a while longer before all the pieces fall into place.

Milan staged their usual three-man attack, yet could not force through Anderlecht’s back line. They were languid from the start and did not seem prepared to face the Belgian champions, yet an Allegri second-half dressing down clearly got through to the players and they came out after the break a different team.

Despite Milan’s improved attacking credentials, they failed to produce much in front of goal. Stephan El Shaarway’s introduction helped Milan retain possession and, were it not for Belgium giant’s responsive goalkeeper, the Italian would have earned his side a narrow late win. But it was clear what Milan lacked was a top quality goalscorer; someone to stick the ball in the net and not mess around in the process.

They benefited greatly off Ibrahimovic’s forward instincts last season and, with replacement, Giampaolo Pazzini, netting a hat trick against Bologna, it appeared that Milan had resolved their striking deficiencies. Yet Champions League football is a step up from Serie A, and Anderlecht proved that Milan tactician still needs a spearhead striker to lead the team this season.

Neither Pazzini nor Kevin-Prince Boateng are capable of holding the ball up like Ibra and, if Allegri does not bring in a new forward this January, the Milanese giant risk dropping out of the Champions League places, come April.

The draw with Anderlecht will not have helped Allegri’s standing with the club’s board, who are reportedly concerned with Milan’s recent run of results in Serie A: Max Allegri, a man under-pressure? 

12 responses to “SPECIAL: Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Sale To PSG Looking Increasingly Foolhardy

  1. I really miss Thiago, not Ibrahimović. Basically he can not guarantee nothing – scudetto or CL – and he was paid like a player who could guarantee at least one major trophy every season. But he just can’t… And he is getting old. That was our last chance to sell him and create some room for younger players.

    Honestly, I never liked him or his behavior as a pro player. Neither his manager, btw.

    It was safer to stay with him and collect some wins, but I honestly prefer this rebuild way that Berlusconi has chosen for us. This is not going to be an easy way, but at the end we’re going to be stronger.

    Ibrahimović, on the other hand, will be richer. But I can easily predict that with winter gone, he is going to disappear like he did over the last two seasons.

    I really miss Thiago Silva a lot. He is the best in the world in his position. Ibrahimović is just another one with confusing ideas.


    • Right. I agree with you here. We do miss Ibra’s goals, we miss them as hell. However, in my opinion as well Thiago is the one who Milan misses most this season. Or should I say both… ?
      The defense line is wide open now, which makes you fell like the players are screaming “Come here and play as out” all over 😀
      Same thing goes for the attack. I mean, who am I fooling? We don’t have attackers – Boa (unnatural trequartista) has now become our only attacker who seems to have forgotten how to pass the ball and constantly keeps on shooting wide from 30 meters…
      Two or let me say three empty holes in the team – a Silva-like defender (2012), a Kaka-like midfielder (2009) and a Ibra-like forward (2012).


  2. I think we have a good group of forwards. None of them is the second coming of van Basten, Weah or Sheva. But they are good. If true, then what is missing?

    A true trequartista. Kaká is missing. Or someone like him.

    And I agree with you in one aspect: we nee more quality all over the squad.

    Yesterday I have already scheduled Tivo to record Montpellier vs … I forgot the name of the other team 😦 this afternoon (here in Brazil). Let’s check Mbiwa’s performance another time.


    • Right. The forward quality is great, but still there’s something missing – sth doesn’t function well… or Allegri can’t seem to find a way to let all the quality be shown.
      St. Etienne by any chance? 😀 Went to check Montpellier’s previous games… Many people told me that they have been impressed by Yanga’s performance against Arsenal, though they lost the game. Unfortunately, our TV Channels or actually our only TV Channet here that offers live streams of CL hasn’t bought the whole UEFA package and now all we get to see is only one CL game and one Europe league game a week… No money, no football :/


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