Milan Interested In Bayer Leverkusen’s Striker Andre Schurrle

Milan have prepared to battle it out with Chelsea for the German prospect…

Milan lost again this weekend which sees them continue to struggle in Serie A after selling both Ibrahimovic and Silva to PSG this summer, as well as Cassano to their local rivals Inter. The team are 15th in the Italian league and have only managed four goals in their four matches so far, putting the ball into the back of the net is something of a problem for them.

They drew 0-0 at home to Anderlecht in midweek in front of just 20,000 fans and manager Allegri is under huge pressure which could see him lose his job. The club themselves are already looking to rebuild and have been linked, according to Calciomercato, with a move for Andre Schurrle.

The talented ace spent all summer at the center of transfer speculation involving Chelsea and he wasn’t happy with the way his club, Bayer Leverkusen, dealt with the situation. Last month he told German magazine Kicker, “Chelsea would have been very interesting for me. This kind of opportunity you get probably not so often in life.”

“Rudi Voeller told me he couldn’t find a suitable replacement, and I was too important for Bayer. I was disturbed that the whole thing was communicated as quickly and as detailed in public.”

The striker fell out with Rudi Voeller, director at Leverkusen, over the situation because he wouldn’t stop talking about it to the press and the former German international told Bild that Schurrle couldn’t get Chelsea out of his head.

However, now that Milan offer the 21-year-old another great opportunity to get away from Levekusen, he may easily jump in.


6 responses to “Milan Interested In Bayer Leverkusen’s Striker Andre Schurrle

  1. An interesting player. Whether this interest is another sign that Robinho’s departure is imminent or not only time will tell. São Paulo and Santos desperately want him next january.

    Reus is more talented than him, but Schürle is a very good player and there is room for improvement.


    • Definitely. Plus, it is hard to believe that he is only 21-year-old… His attitude and style of play make one think that he’s way older. May be a great signing – except for the fact that Bayer are unlikely to let him go on loan. As for Robinho, very sad story… He should stay, must stay. When he returns next game, I’m 100% sure our game will improve and get way better. But, I guess Berlo & Galliani are slowly giving up on the Brazilians 😦 Pato + Robinho to leave, Silva already left… Gabriel will probably become the one of a kind, except if Ricky returns (hopefully).
      Germany has a lot of potential to battle it out in Brazil in 2014 – if only they manage to create the perfect team out of vast talents.


  2. Yesterday I read that Santos president (Mr. LAOR, he likes people to call him this way…) is in Switzerland and already had a dinner with Robinho and talked in an informal way with Galliani. According to he tabled a € 10 mill bid last july and told Mr. Galliani that this offer is still a valid one.

    You can scratch your head and think that we’re still in september. Why such an anticipation? There is a reason: São Paulo will have about € 30 mill to spend next january (Lucas deal) and Robinho is their primary target.

    If you remember that Ganso recently moved from Santos to São Paulo… Santos will battle really hard to avoid Robinho&Ganso partnership.


    • It makes sense on one hand, but on the other it doesn’t…
      € 10 mill. would be perfect for Milan in these crisis time and Sao have sold Lucas, now they need new similar player.
      However, on the other hand – Why sign Robinho, when you have already signed Ganso? One will have to warm the bench. Santos seems more realistic to me because Robi has already played for them couple of times. But it can all change…


  3. “However, on the other hand – Why sign Robinho, when you have already signed Ganso? One will have to warm the bench.”
    Nope. They can play together. Actually, they played together, alongside Neymar, two years ago.

    At that time Santos had two defensive midfielders, a line of three “offensive midfielders” (Neymar, Ganso and Robinho) and André as a lonely forward. But Neymar and Robinho were more forwards than midfielders.

    Ganso is a pure trequartista, and Robinho is more a forward.


    • Oh right. They were the killer guys back then – Robinho, Ganso, Neymar & Ze Eduardo/Andre… To play Robi as a forward could perfectly suit them. He could fit in with Fabiano or Jadson + you’d have the oportunity to see him play live 😀


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