Milan Midfielder Sulley Muntari Goes Blonde, As Mosque Gets Named After Him

New blonde look of the Ghanaian humanitarian…

Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari has dyed to celebrate his return to training with Milan.

The 28-year-old has been out injured since June with a serious knee injury but has made remarkable progress on his road to full recovery.

Muntari is one of many Ghanaian footballers who have a knack for top of the range fashion and has taken it a notch further with his new hairstyle. The new hairstyle however looks a bit odd on the feisty character considering the dark color of his skin.

He however appears fulfilled with his new look as he comfortably displayed it after getting it done in a saloon in Milan. The new hairstyle joins a list of art collections either temporarily or permanently [tattoos] stuck on the Ghana midfielder.

Also, a big mosque will be named after him when it is completed in his hometown in Ghana after the player funded its construction.

Konongo Central Mosque, which is just close to the house where the player was born, is being given a massive face lift thanks to the cash from the midfielder. (Though an Orthodox Christian and no relation to the Islam, this is a really nice humanitarian gesture).

The former Inter player will be reviewed by the doctor who operated on his knee next month by which time a clear date for his full return would be known.

2 responses to “Milan Midfielder Sulley Muntari Goes Blonde, As Mosque Gets Named After Him

  1. Sulley Muntari is Muslim. In fact he had a publicized dispute with Jose Mourinho while he was at Inter over his comitting to fast during Ramadan despite it being early in the season.


    • That’s right, dear Hanif.
      However, in relation to “(Though an Orthodox Christian and no relation to the Islam, this is a really nice humanitarian gesture).” I was referring to myself, not Muntari – for what it’s worth 🙂
      Thank you for the comment and stay connected!


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