No Manchester United Move For Milan Sensation Stephan El Shaarawy – Agent

El Shaarawy’s representative has denied rumors of England switch…

The 19-year-old striker joined Milan from Genoa in June 2011 and after a tentative first season with the Rossoneri, has started the 2012-13 campaign in fine style, scoring four goals in the club’s opening six Serie A fixtures.

Despite the rumours, Roberto La Florio insists that hasn’t been in contact with Premier League side and is adamant that his client is happy in Italy: ”I have had no contact with the United,” he told Tuttomercatoweb.

“The player has been secured by Milan and he is happy to play for them. He has always dreamed it. He has to keep both feet on the ground, thinking about this club which trusted in him, and that he’s paying off with these performances.”

Milan’s CEO Galliani also saw fit to comment on the rumours, insisting to the club’s supporters that they have no plans to sell the recently capped Italy international.

Speaking to Italian TV channel Sky Sport 24, Galliani said: “He’s a talented boy and he has renewed his contract recently. Manchester United for him? Ferguson can forget about him.”

We’ve heard it all before. A player doesn’t want to leave and still his departure is only a matter of time, as we have witnessed it vast of times. Now all we can do is hope this will be one of the rare exceptions and words will finally turn into acts… 


2 responses to “No Manchester United Move For Milan Sensation Stephan El Shaarawy – Agent

  1. Relax. He is going to stay for a very long time. There are many things you’re not taking into account here.

    The most important: salaries. Nowadays we have a lessen burden regarding salaries. And without Robinho this financial flexibility is going to improve.

    It means that the club will sell only if want, not if need to do it.

    According to Mr. Galliani, if the Brazilian leaves the club next January, the total amount of salaries will decrease from € 160 million, last July, to € 92 million.

    Considering the club make about € 250 million every year, Mr. Galliani can use about € 130 million in salaries.

    And there are very good players available in the market that would be more than satisfied with a € 1,5 million salary every year.

    Want an example? Dedé (Vasco da Gama). The club, believe in it or not, did not pay for the water supply last month. I wonder how long has been the month for the players? 45 days? 60 days?

    One thing is for sure: they do not see a paycheck on monthly basis.

    A club like Milan – described by Thiago Silva in national television as “simple perfect” – would be a dream for Dedé.

    We’re going to improve, with El 92 in the roster, over the next seasons. But it’s going to take some time. From 1996 to 2001 we experienced the same.


    • Yeah… It’s just that I don’t believe a single thing that Galliani/Berlo/any player’s agent anymore. Been there, done that.
      Back in 2008, they said that Gourcuff would stay – Result: didn’t happen.
      2009, Kaka would stay – didn’t happen.
      2012, Ibra & Silva would stay – didn’t happen at all. + many other players worth mentioning, but I don’t feel like it right now 😀 too sleepy to start with serious thinking…
      I have no reason to believe their empty words.
      However, I have to agree with you, ’cause this is a special case here.
      Dede can inherit Silva in every meaning of the word, if we could only get serious about the calciomercato.


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