Galliani To Quit Milan; Maldini Lined Up For Post & Guardiola To Arrive!

Sounds like a great strategy by the Milan boss…

If it to be believed Corriere dello Sport, there could be some notable boardroom changes at Milan.

To start with the CEO, Adriano Galliani, who is set to sensationally leave the Italian giant because of the favored role of Lega Calcio president – a position he has held before.

Now, there have been few names mentioned in line to replace the experienced Galliani – such as, Giuseppe Biesuz, the director of FNM SpA and Genoa’s Alessandro Zarbano.

However, as CdS report, Claudio Fenucci could leave Roma for Milan role – and he would seek to bring in clubs’ legend Paolo Maldini as a sporting director. Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has already identified daughter Barbara as Galliani’s replacement for vice-president.

In addition, if these changes do happen – former Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola is likely to arrive next season…

3 responses to “Galliani To Quit Milan; Maldini Lined Up For Post & Guardiola To Arrive!

    • Haha 😀 I can’t even imagine…
      True or not, we do need changes – that is a fact. Doesn’t matter if it’s a board, coach, medical or whatever change to make things right. We cant have success when our players’ motivation is down on the lowest level… nor when our staff is threatening to almost kill each other just because of the high competition and pressure on them.


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