Tottenham Goalkeeper Hugo Lloris Linked With Milan

Milan renew interest in new Tott’ham arrival…

There is a child-like panic in France that Lloris may have picked the wrong club and that Tottenham don’t appreciate him, and then subsequently that this will go on to damage his career greatly – thus causing knock-on damage to the France national team.

It all calmed down after he made his first start for Tottenham but after his heroics in saving a penalty against Spain he’s big news again and the French can’t understand why he then didn’t start against Chelsea. He’s reportedly considered a prisoner at the English side and is going through a living torment.

Lloris has stated more than once that he is perfectly happy at Tottenham and has settled in well. He’s said how he’s glad he moved and is enjoying his new experience and understands that he’ll be the long term first choice but is happy to battle for his place right now.

So inevitably the rumors have started which link him to other clubs. French Les Transferts, Spanish Fichajes and Italian TMW are all reporting that Milan are interested in the goalkeeper. The French site say that Milan would approach the entourage surrounding Hugo Lloris to see if they should pursue a move, rather than go to the Premier League club directly.

Fichajes say “it’s no secret” that the Milanese giant are interested in him and that they could make a move as early as January. It’s been a pretty well kept secret that wasn’t a secret then.

Milan is in constant search of a new goalkeeper, after it was make clear that veteran Christian Abbiati will not renew his contract at the end of the season.


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