Future Project: INTERVIEW Q&A

I proudly present the new project on the blog, called Interview questions and answers!

First all of, I want all of you to meet and greet Interview Q&A. I bet that you have already guessed it – the point is to interview few Milan players and publish it exclusivity and especially for you, guys.

My “strategy” plan looks like this… Considering the fact that there are no basic conditions to interview the players face to face, in person; I will probably try to reach them via the Social Media sites, mostly Twitter and Facebook. The “victims” has already been chosen, at least for now.

To put it more simply, Dutch midfielder Urby Emanueslon is the title holder on the list; followed by Ghanaian star Kevin-Prince Boateng, Milan’s future Stephan El Shaarawy and former Fiorentina ace Riccardo Montolivo. They all hold the top of the list because of a simple reason, as they are the most active Milan players in squad on the Social Media.

However, there is a tiny surprise for all of you, as I’m considering to interact several Primavera youngsters, including former Milan players from the youth department. Serbian future potential, 17-year-old goalkeeper Lazar Petkovic has already been planned. Likewise, Hellas Verona’s loanees Michelangelo Albertazzi and Simone Calvano, new arrival Johad Ferretti, Andrea Petanga and many more. Gianmario Comi and Gianmarco Zigoni have also been included in the list.

I believe it is no secret that this kind of a task is usually insurmountable, but is it challenging as well. (Who doesn’t like challenges, to be honest?) For that reason, I will employ myself and throw my hands into business in order to finish this ambitious task.

However, I want to make one thing clear – no promises; no strings attached. The only promise I’m going to make is to try hard in efforts to get these planned interviews. In addition, this whole “thesis thing” is just at it’s beginning and it’s more than obvious that it won’t be simple as ABC.

If and when I manage to contact one of the listed players, you will be notified right away. All of you, guys, will be able to play a role as co-interviewers. However, due to the expected high interest, only the most creative and interesting questions you are going to ask will be chosen for the interview.

The idea is brand new and we shall see how it will develop in the future – you will hopefully like it. If you have any other suggestion or opinion of yours, be my guest.

With Regards, Martina


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