No Resignation For Milan Coach Massimiliano Allegri

Instead of getting fired, Milan boss has been confirmed…

Massimiliano Allegri will continue as Milan boss after the club hierarchy pondered his dismissal overnight. His job has been on shaky ground following a problematic start to the season and the 3-1 home reverse to Fiorentina on Sunday was their sixth defeat in 12 games.

Milan tactician was last night called to a meeting with president Silvio Berlusconi and CEO Adriano Galliani to discuss the situation. After the talks, it was decided that the former Cagliari boss would not be sacked.

“It is obvious that we are not happy,” Galliani commented. “We evaluated everything last night and changing the coach wouldn’t have given us any guarantees.

“Berlusconi and I had a long talk last night and then we called Allegri at around midnight and told him that we have faith in him. We have confirmed him as the coach.

“He has done well in the past two years and this is the decision we have made.”

Well, to wrap up – There is definitely an awkward conspiracy theory against Milan. In the end there is nothing we (the fans) can do, except for pray and hope that we will witness way brighter days than these…


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