VIDEO: Milan’s Gabriel Shows Skills In Training

The lads seem to have a great time when it comes to training…

What we learned:

– Gabriel needs to be given a starting berth, at least for once this season.

– Gabriel is doing a miraculous job in saving penalties. He has has showed it in the past as a Brazil U-21 international.

– The two Brazilians left seem to enjoy their stay at Milan.

– Luca Antonini and Adria Carmona should increase their shooting skills. There is a reason they haven’t become strikers.

– Antonio Nocerino is acting pretty mad. If only he could do the same thing on the actual field… He is obviously not called “the new Gattuso” for no reason.

– Cristian Zapata may solve Milan’s free-kick shooter problems.

Io detto, lui mio figlio!!


2 responses to “VIDEO: Milan’s Gabriel Shows Skills In Training

    • Absolutely! 😀
      With all due respect for Mr. Allegri, but he is wrong…
      Wasn’t “fresh blood” the name of our new transfer policy? Ok, there we have a young, talented and highly regarded goalkeeper… so why Amelia for God’s sake?
      I believe that Abbiati can handle it and stay few more months until the end of the season. But Amelia can’t. We’d rather loan him or sell him, than give him the stating berth.
      Gabriel is the right man – and if we don’t use him, someone else will in the future. Why not take an example from clubs like Borussia Monchengladbach, Basel.. even Manchester United? They seem to be doing fine with a young goalkeeper.
      Anyway, Udo, I’d like to thank you for sharing your opinion and if you like the topic, stay connected! 🙂


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