Real Madrid To Let Kaka Join Milan For Free?

The unlucky Brazilian star may finally leave Madrid…

Spanish newspaper El Economista reports that Real Madrid would be willing to rescind Kaka contract, allowing him to join any club he wants at no cost.

The former Milan midfielder was sent off in a 0-0 draw on Saturday, after being booked twice for what it looked like inappropriate fouls in referee’s opinion.

Kaka came on for Argentinian winger Angel Di Maria just before an hour was played, but the first moment of struggle to win possession brought him the first yellow card and the second was for putting the ball into the right place, automatically stopping the home players from taking a quick free-kick. As a result, Ricky has received his first red card in clubs’ career.

Real Madrid are reportedly poised to let go off Kaka in order to open the doors for superstar Ronaldo’s contract extension.

Former side Milan have always expressed their willingness to bring the fans favorite back. In addition, if the Brazilian international terminates the pretty rich contract with the Madrid giant, it could pave the way for a San Siro return.

Even so, there have been few sources claiming that the 30-year-old star will not be able to re-join the Rossoneri as early as in January due to the Non-EU free spot. However, it is wide known that Kaka holds an Italian passport for almost 6 years.

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