SPECIAL: Kaka’s Return To Milan – All The Pros

Let us smash the pessimism regarding the return…

I have personally been waiting to write this article for a very long period of time, to be more accurate. The deal is yet to be formalized, but this time it is certain – Kaka is returning home.

Throughout the entire day we have all been witnesses of numerous articles claiming that Kaka’s move to Milan is a bad one, which is totally ok. There will always be the ones who agree and disagree with a potential move. Also, every single option should be taken in account, because after all, we are only fans who want all the best for the club.

So, shall we begin?

Motive to youngsters

You are all aware of the fact that Kaka is a role model and an idol to greater number of Milan’s players. That is a very vital factor in the youth squad of Milan. In addition, there are few of Ricky’s former team-mates.

It is highly unlikely that Kaka’s presence will ever harm the club’s manners or intentions. The Brazilian star is a symbol of peace and humanity – something that Milan have been desperately missing the past seasons. His presence during the games will be at high-value. To get the chance to play alongside your year-long idol is positively unimaginable for us, the fans.


Okay, we have definitely strengthen our roster with talented and prospective lads, but what about experience? Goalkeeper Cristian Abbiati, captain Massimo Ambrosini and defender Mario Yepes are so far Milan’s only outvoted experienced players. If president Silvio Berlusconi is planning on creating team for the future, he has definitely forgotten about the present.

We do have so many youngsters, but doesn’t our story remind you of Arsenal’s for instance? In my opinion  without the presence of couple experienced players we’d turn into a deadly mixture of Premier League’s sides Arsenal and Liverpool.

Why Arsenal? With all due respect to the club and their policy, but the past ten years they have created so many stars and signed plentiful youth stars but have you ever wondered where are the results, the trophies? As for he reason behind Liverpool, in terms of putting the glorious days behind and sacrifice prestige. To be honest, after selling the stars, Milan has been considered to only keep hold on fame and glory, not fear – the state that was once present on the opponents’ side.

“We don’t need Kaka, he is too old.”

Come on, at least we, the Milan supporters know that that is not true. Let’s look on our side a bit – Paolo Maldini, Alessandro Costacurta, Gennaro Gattuso, Alessandro Nesta, Clarence Seedorf and the latest, Filippo Inzaghi, are only few of the many.

As for Serie A, you all know Udinese’s legend Antonio Di Natale. At the age of 35, he has managed to stay at the top of the career. In addition, he has ended at least three of the past single seasons on high, scoring at least 15-20 goals per season.

I bet there are many people doubting this move for this reason. Kaka is desperately needed at Milan. When he left back in 2009, he has left a massive midfield hole, which resulted with Milan desperately trying to fulfill the black-hole. In the end, when one is aware of the fact that it has failed, what does it do? Gets to fulfill the gap with the one who created it in the first place.

Ghanaian star Kevin-Prince Boateng is only one of the may who failed to success Ricky’s shoes at Milan. He may have been efficient the past season, but has definitely lost pace the current term.

“Kaka will earn a lot.”

Oh, will he?

To discuss that matter, we first have to look into Milan’s salary standings. The top earner award equally belongs to defender Philippe Mexes and former Santos target, Robinho. Usually injured and unused striker, Alexande Pato was recently stripped out of the list after sealing a Corithians move.

Think about it – 30-year-old (same age as Kaka) defender ears €4 million, while this season’s shining star Stephan El Shaarawy doesn’t even have a salary close to €1 million per season. So why not spend equally enough money to pay a player who we all know would put his life on the risk for his former side?

“Kaka is not the answer.”

Correct! He isn’t an answer to all Milan problems. How can he be an answer for the goalkeepers’ problems for example?

He is the answer to Milan’s midfield problems. If you think that the Italian side could make it, with coach Allegri forcing Boateng to success Kaka’s shoes as an attacking midfielder – you are so wrong. What we miss the most is a quality playmaker, whose natural position is AM.

The 30-year-old Brazilian international is the perfect man for that.

Current shape

One can take in account numerous bad and good things people hint on Kaka’s return, except for the above mentioned. Vast fans are concerned about his shape – well, if anyone has been watching him play this season (not that he had played a lot) can make you sure of that.

Wearing the captain armband on several occasions, with total dignity and pride; scoring a of hat-trick in clash against Millonarios, resulting with the “Man of the Match” award; scoring one of Europe’s greatest goals this season against Ajax. He has made total 10 appearances for Los Blancos in all competitions, bagging six assists and two goals. Not to forget the outstanding 30-minutes performance against his probably future side, Milan during the pre-season.

In addition, getting a Brazil call-up after two years is a big thing which only proves Kaka’s will to return to the glory days. An interesting fact this that he has never picked up an injury this term (God forbid).

All of this, naturally, is never enough for Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho, as he has always claimed Kaka to be Madrid’s “extra option” with “limited chances”. To sum up, it is a fact that the former Milan midfielder has never missed an opportunity when given.

Download my e-book “The footsteps of a Legend – Ricardo Kaka” and find out all there is to know about this magnificent player, including stories and statements which have never been revealed before.

There are surely few more pros and in my opinion, they are in a greater number if compared to the cons. However, this is coming from a both Milan and Kaka fan point of view, as already made known. There are hardly any fans who have the ability or more precise – a gift, to tell the future. That is the reason why the time is there – if the fan’s favorite arrives or not; either he succeed or fails in the new chapter of Milan – time will tell…


What do you think?

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