PHOTO POLL: Amelia-Stekelenburg Or Amelia-Viviano Exchange?

Stekelenburg or Viviano for the goalkeeping spot…

Marco Amelia has been in the center of possible exchange talk, according to Sky Sport’s journalist Gianluca Di Marzio.

First, he was being linked with Fiorentina in a swap deal with Emiliano Viviano, who is set to leave the Viola due to not enough playing time. However, it is highly unlikely that the 27-year-old ‘keeper might join Milan knowing that he would once again have to face time on the bench.

The other option, which is more plausible, is swapping the 2006 World Cup champion with Roma’s unhappy man Maarten Stekelenburg. He has recently slammed the Giallorossi, calming to be treated the bad way without any reason. In addition, Amelia was born in Rome and has featured for their side in early 2000.

Italian sources now claim that Stekelenburg’s agent Walter Sabatini will travel to Milan in the following days in order to discuss details of the possible swap between the fellow Serie A clubs.

Whether Viviano arrives or not, whether Stekelenburg joins the club. Even if none of them gets to wear the Milan goalkeeper’s jersey, we want to hear your opinion. I guess you all have a favorite, so why not vote and hope that your pick will win the contest.


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