SPECIAL: Milan Seeks Reliability Or The Last Chance For Mario Balotelli

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According to the latest AC Milan news, the transfer campaign carried out by the club this winter is quite unusual for a common Rossoneri-style way to reinforce the squad.The signings made by the vice-president Adriano Galliani were to a certain degree unexpected and quite different from those times when Milan was one of the biggest powers in Europe. The lack of finances and the severe austerity measures taken by Milan’s president Silvio Berlusconi made Galliani rely on Milan’s football academy at the same time trying to discover young but yet unknown talents around the globe rather than purchase ready-made stars. This transfer window is another one confirmation of that fact.

The players that Milan acquired this January are not well-known and not that expensive but showing good quality and statistics throughout the season thus moving the vector of Milan’s appetites from “stars” to “reliable ones”. Nevertheless Milan’s management made one exception having managed a very controversial and at the same time intriguing deal. Mario Balotelli moved from Manchester City to Milan and thus put an end to the saga about Mario’s being unhappy in Manchester. The Rossoneri paid estimated €20 million for the undisciplined player who can rather be called a “star” than a reliable player.

The controversial nature of the transfer does not lie even in Mario being outrageously undisciplined but also in his having degraded from a top class footballer very much. The striker hasn’t seen his name on Mancini’s starting eleven lists for quite a long time not only due to his being disobedient but also due to the fact that Mario seems to have lost all the credit he was given before the start of his professional career and even at the very start of it. The player who starred at Euro 2012 does not create an impression of the striker who once nearly buried Manchester United at Old Trafford when City won 1-6 and Balotelli scored a decisive double. The reader might disagree proving his position by Balotelli’s double against Udinese but those goals are rather a marker of the difference in class between English Premier League and Serie A rather than an argument in favor of Balotelli. But most importantly this may be the last chance of the still young Italian at least to try to save his reputation.

Apart from Balotelli, Milan decided to sign Kevin Constant who spent half a season in Milan on loan from Genoa on a permanent basis. The young Guinean was brilliant both in defence and up front. He pulled Luca Antonini out of the squad quite easily and that argument was persuasive enough for Allegri to be decisive about the purchase. Moreover Milan paid Genoa only €4 million for such a quality defender and taking into regard Francesco Acerbi who moved in the opposite direction the transfer may be considered an obvious bargain.

Ricardo Saponara from Empoli is a type of a transfer wheres club buys a youngster who is very perspective but is not yet ready for the main squad of such a big club like AC Milan. That is why he returned to Empoli on loan till the end of the season. Cristian Zaccardo in his turn is a man who is playing good and is still capable of showing quality football. This man is to replace Abate for two reasons: let’s recognize, Abate is a mediocre player who’s not capable of covering the whole flank, which he tries to do from game to game. Zaccardo wouldn’t do that. He would just be reliable in defense. The second reason is that Abate is set for St. Petersburg to join Zenit and Galliani did not urge himself to deflate the rumor.

Milan can be estimated as a fairly good attempt to cover all the drawbacks of the squad at least till the end of the season. And taking into regard that only this January the Rossoneri cleared 6 places for the newcomers, it promises us a very interesting summer in terms of restructuring Milan’s team.

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