Milan Emotional Experience For Me – Real Madrid’s Kaka

What he hasn’t told anyone…

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Just an update on Kaka’s interview for Real Madrid’s official site. Credits to Milanello, via Sulia

“I knew I had made it as a player when I signed with Milan. That represented a big achievement for me. Players in Brazil dream about coming to Europe and signing with a big club, and Milan are one of the best, so I was very happy.

“When I joined I was just a boy – a “Golden Boy”, as I was deemed at the time. Now at Madrid, I’m just a veteran.

“I was happiest when Brazil won the World Cup in 2002. I was young and only played a part of one match, but it was a chance to be a part of a great team. Ronaldo was the best player in the world at the time. In general, I’m happy after every big victory, like winning the Confederations Cup with Brazil or the Champions League with Milan, but winning the World Cup is the ultimate, and as a Brazilian, it’s the biggest thing you can achieve.

“It’s a pressure every Brazilian has to endure”, said the 30-year-old former Milan ace.

“The day football broke my heart? It was the 2005 Champions League final against Liverpool. When you go 3-0 up you should win the game. It should never have gone to penalties. It really wasn’t meant to be for us that night.”

“I have never told anyone this before but I always find it an emotional experience to play for Milan. I was a part of the history of that club. The Milan fans are incredible and they always showed me a lot of love. I’m still friends with players on the team and I still follow them every weekend.”

“If I hadn’t played football then I would be an evangelical pastor. I have always been very religious. That’s why I wear my “I belong to Jesus” shirt during games, and why I point to the sky after scoring a goal. It’s my way of showing everyone where my heart is.”

“My heroes growing up were my parents. They worked very hard throughout their lives, so that I would get a good education and grow up in a happy home. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.”

“My proudest moment was when Ancelotti compared me to Platini. That was the biggest compliment anyone has ever given me. Platini was one of the greatest midfielders ever. To be compared with him meant a lot to me.”

”I had good chance to leave Real Madrid in the winter and join Milan, but Real Madrid rejected the offer because they considered it too low for their demands”, he ended.



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