VIDEO: Kaka & Rooney On Manchester United – Real Madrid

Watch the two stars discussing the match…

But first of all, feel free to download my e-book “The footsteps of a Legend – Ricardo Kaka” and find out all there is to know about this magnificent player, including stories and statements which have never been revealed before. In addition, I hope that you won’t mind taking a look at Kaka’s PES 6/13 face tutorial!

Finally, the day is here when the world will stand still for 90 minutes to watch Real Madrid take on Manchester United at the Old Trafford. At the moment, Madrid are behind in the tie as United came have a crucial away goal advantage from Bernabeu.

Manchester United’s striker Wayne Rooney and Real Madrid’s midfielder Kaka are both confident about their teams’ chances of reaching the Champions League quarter-finals ahead of the Old Trafford showdown.

In an exclusive interview with bwin, they also shared their thoughts on Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho and their career highlights to date.


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