EXCLUSIVE: Barcelona’s Carles Puyol To End Career At Milan?!

Veteran’s dream might finally come true…

Barcelona defender Carles Puyol is shockingly set to sign for Milan, according to the local television.

The 35-year-old has been at the Nou Camp since 1995, accumulating 581 first-team appearances for the Catalan giants. Injuries have hampered the centre-backs chances in recent times, limiting Puyol to just 22 appearances in all competitions this season.

Local television Barcelona Televisio has revealed that Carles’ time at the club could soon come to an end with the defender making the move to Italy to join Milan.

The veteran has previously said if he was to ever leave Barca it would be to join Milan as they are his “second team”. He was quoted as saying, “I love Milan, it’s my second team. I always want them to win, except against us.”

However, the details of the rumored talks haven’t been revealed, such as the lasting of a possible contract nor the wages portion. It has only been strongly suggested that the experienced defender would accept any kind of term so as to play at the legendary field where Paolo Maldini once ruled, the San Siro.


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