Coach Allegri’s Future To Be Decided On Thursday

Air is going to be cleared next week…

UPDATE: The meeting has been re-scheduled for Thursday, as the initial plan was set up for Monday.

Milan is set to bring out the final decision regarding Roma-bound Massimiliano Allegri, according to Sportmediaset.

Club’s president, Silvio Berlusconi and CEO Adriano Galliani, who is currently in London for the Champions League final, are going to have a decisive meeting on Thursday and choose to either keep Allegri or let him leave.

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What is Silvio Berlusconi’s opinion on this?

Milan president Silvio Berlusconi obviously wants to dump coach Massimiliano Allegri and replace him with Clarence Seedorf.

What is Adriano Galliani opinion on this?

Galliani, who is keen on keeping hold of Allegri, is extremely persistent in efforts to convince Berlusconi. However, he is just club’s vice-president, so his opinion is eternally overshadowed by president’s.

What is the Curva Sud’s opinion on this?

Milan’s most devoted fan group, known as the “Curva Sud” have actually questioned the possible appointment of Clarence Seedorf as a replacement for boss Massimiliano Allegri. They are believed to have doubts on hiring a person without any coaching experience.

What is Botafogo‘s opinion on this?

All Botafogo boss Oswaldo de Oliveira has done so far is laugh off speculation claiming the 37-year-old Dutchman could leave the club to take over as a manager in Serie A.

What is former Milan players’/experts’ opinion on this?

Club’s legend Billy Costacurta claims Allegri struggles with the politics at the club, as he has fallen out with the Milan president. While Jose Altafini feels that Berlusconi is making the former Cagliari coach is pay hard for mistakes has has done the past season.

Quotidiano Sportivo‘s director Enzo Bucchioni revealed that the tactician has provoked Berlusconi by asking for a larger contract fee. In fact, Barbara’s father is angry with him due to the fact that he had previously signed an agreement with the Rome-based outfit.

Former Roma captain Giuseppe Giannini believes that Allegri is the ideal candidate for the job due to the fact that he is already familiar with Serie A. Whilst, club’s general director Franco Baldini confirmed that Roma are in the search of a new tactician and the current Milan coach is among others.

Italian journalist Gianni Solaroli, however, believes that Max is going to stay for another season and then be replaced by experienced boss Cesare Prandelli.

What is YOUR opinion on this?

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3 responses to “Coach Allegri’s Future To Be Decided On Thursday

  1. my suggestion is that Allegri is a very good coach but something he does very stupid thing with his low mentality,look at the match again barcelona he killed the match with the wrong formation we almost dropped to 5th position last sunday wit his stupid formation but i must not doubt is predigree,sacking him and bringing in seedorf is another set back 4 the club because i don’t think he has the qualities to do the job so i will prefer someone better than him…..forza milan


    • I couldn’t agree more.
      He’s had vast ups & downs this season…
      Maybe Seedorf is not the ideal replacement due to not having any experience, but he is a true leader on the pitch – which is a clue that he might actually do a good job. Berlusconi is a grand fan of his “arrival” and if happens, he could be awarded with few players this summer.
      It is either him or Allegri stays. Either way, I don’t belive that they have alternatives picks up their sleeve.
      Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion on this topic, dear Tade 🙂 Stay tuned to get more updates on this.


  2. Allegri did a great job in his first season winning the title. He did a great job this year, starting the season without all those big players that left/ retired and forming a team with the new and young guys. He should have won the title last year, imo. I think that he is not that loved by the players as Ancelotti or Leonardo was.
    Seedorf is a great player and I love him but why would you take that much risk in hiring an unexperience head coach? Keep Allegri and have Seedorf and Maldini as assistents for 3 years and then move them forward. Or make Tassotti head coach with Clarence and Paolo as assistents for three year. Tassotti can do it for sure.


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