Barbara Berlusconi & Alexandre Pato End Relationship

This has only distanced Pato from a possible Milan return…

UPDATE: The report has been officially confirmed, as Barbara was seen kissing Pietro Fiocchi yesterday evening!!

Silvio Berlusconi’s daughter, Barbara and former Milan player, Alexandre Pato have ended their relationship, Brazilian newspaper O Dia reveals.

Having to move to Corinthians in January, the two celebrities had been distanced by more than 12,000 km and therefore after two years and five months, they finally decided to call it quit.

Reports also suggest the 23-year-old took this decision very hard, optioning for isolation and not talking to friends. He had publicly declared his love for the Silvio Berlusconi’s daughter after winning the Paulista championship title in an attempt to save their relationship.

It seems that it was all in vain…

The previous days, rumors had it that Milan were reportedly preparing an offer to resign the Brazilian ace, as had struggled for opportunities under Corinthians coach Tite.

However, the chances for that to happen have now been reduced to a minimum.


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