Real Madrid’s Kaka On Milan Wishlist Once Again

If you thought the Kaka rumors vanished, you have been absolutely wrong!

Milan will go for Real Madrid’s midfielder Kaka again this summer, as first revealed by Italian journalist, Tancredi Palmeri.

The 31-year-old is clearly heading for the exit this summer, as former side are set to come knocking on the door for his signature.

Il Corriere dello Sport claims that Milan president Silvio Berlusconi ordered CEO Galliani to do try to lure him. In addition, he reportedly told newly-confirmed coach Allegri to change formation, so as to make room for an attacking midfielder – Kaka, in this case.

However, with the probable arrival of Carlo Ancelotti, Galliani will have to do best so as to lure the Brazilian away from the Santiano Bernabeu.

Kaka revealed that he feels ready to make a fresh start, hinting at a move away from Real Madrid the past week.

“It is time to make a new start”, he told Turkish daily Milliyet.

Kaka made 19 appearances in La Liga for Los Blancos this season.

4 responses to “Real Madrid’s Kaka On Milan Wishlist Once Again

    • Trust me, we all are. However, I do not believe that we are capable of keeping up with the 2000 system – sign players and keep them for a decade. This is business now – sign them, let them bring you money and eventually sell them so as to get much more money…
      Saponara is a great option, BUT Kaka is Kaka. No matter what happens, even if this proves to be just a rumor – I’ll stick to my point 🙂


  1. KaKa is my Favorite player forever :’) & The best player on earth, & AC Milan My fave Team forever, I’m gonna die by happiness if it’s happen, in fact KaKa Belongs to Milan but Business made it shit >.< & We need KaKa really, So I wish KaKa back to Milan cause Also Real destroying Kaka's Career 😦


    • Hehe 🙂 In that case, I’m going to give you a tiny but very useful advice:
      “Try to put a peep hole on your soul”. By that, I want you to try to control your feelings and emotions – just keep clam and wait for things to take the path are hoping for. I’m saying this for a reason and mainly due to my so-far experience. Trust me, that is the best thing a fan can do now.
      If Kaka somehow returns, than is when we should get excited. If we get exited now, the chances of getting brokenhearted in the end are very high… especially for a Milan fan who truly knows what does mentioning Kaka often do to our souls.
      Thank you for sharing your opinion, dear Matthew.
      Warm Regards and let’s hope to see Kaka wearing the Milan jersey once again! 🙂


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