Torino – Milan: Live Streams

Kaka is set for his official debut! Click on one of the following links, sit back and enjoy!

But first of all, feel free to download my e-book “The footsteps of a Legend – Ricardo Kaka” and find out all there is to know about this magnificent player, including stories and statements which have never been revealed before. In addition, I hope that you won’t mind taking a look at Kaka’s PES 6/13 face tutorial!




The official line-ups:

TORINO: Padelli; Glick, Bovo, Moretti; Darmian, Brighi, Vives, El Kadouri, D’Ambrosio; Cerci, Immobile.

MILAN: Abbiati; Zaccardo, Zapata, Mexes, Emanuelson; Montolivo, De Jong, Muntari; Kaka; Robinho, Balotelli.

BONUS – Interesting fact:

Last time Kaka faced Torino in 2009, Abate featured for the less-popular Turin club.


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