Kaka Picks Up Injury, Refuses To Get Salary

One doesn’t have to like him, but one simply can’t hate this man!

Milan have officially confirmed via their website that returnee Kaka has picked up a left adductor injury and will lose the fans’ favorite out on an unknown period of time.

The Rossoenri have also stated he will be examined again in about 10 days, but there is a possibility that he could be out for an entire month, missing out on Celtic, Napoli, Bologna and Sampdoria games. In fact according to the latest brought by SkySport24, it is very likely that he will be out of the pitch for total of three weeks.

However, never mind the injury, it is today the world got another chance to witness his greatness and loyalty. towards Milan

In a video statement, the 31-year-old Brazilian midfielder revealed that he has asked the club to stop paying his wages until he is fully fit!

“Yesterday was a bad day for me because honestly I was not expecting an injury like this.

“Today I decided that I don’t want anything from Milan except for love and support until I get better. For that reason, I have decided to stop taking wages during the time I’m out of action.”

What a class act! Vast other players have been out for much longer than a month and had just went on getting paid.

Watch the full statement with subtitles below:

#GrandeKaka  #TornaPresto


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