Adidas Chase Balotelli; Milan Sign Huawei Sponsorship

Sneak a peak at what is going on on the economic field…

La Gazzetta dello Sport revealed that Milan’s superstar Mario Balotelii may swap current endorsement sponsor Nike, with club’s Adidas.

Balotelli’s contract with Nike is set to expire soon, as the competition is looking to snatch the troubled striker’s services. In fact, Adidas seems to have stepped up the chase after offering a 10-year sponsorship deal worth €5 million per year. Italy national team sponsor Puma have also tabled in an identical bid.

In case Balotelli decides to accept any of the offers, he shall see his salary doubled and will certainly become one of the highers earners in football, earning up to €10 million per year.

In the meantime, Huawei Device USA, Inc. have turned up the volume on worldwide marketing, after signing a 3-year premium sponsorship deal with Italian giants Milan.

Milan’s CEOO Adriano Galliani alongside Huawei directors George Zhao and Daniele De Grandis signed the partnership deal on Wednesday at the Rsossoneri’s headquarter.

This deal shall brand Milan in Italy and abroad. In addition, the signing of the agreement also means that Huawei have officially become a communications supplier to the Italian outfit.

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