OFFICIAL: Adriano Galliani Announces Milan Exit

The end of yellow ties era…

Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani has announced that he is to resign after almost 28 years spent at the club.

In an announcement to Italy’s ANSA news agency, Galliani said he will be tendering his resignation the following month and that is certain to quit the role whether he manages to reach an agreement on a pay-off settlement or not.

“I am resigning for just cause,” he said, adding he would leave the day after the Champions League match against Ajax on 11 December. In addition, according to Milan Channel, the scenario may be meant to happen as well as after the Derby della Madonnina on 23 December.

“I have suffered grave damage to my personality. This is not the way to deal with a generation change – it should be done with elegance.

The 69-year-old CEO, who is a grand admirer of wearing yellow ties, is about to leave with his head held high having delivered success to the club that prides itself on having won more trophies than any other in the world.

“It’s been said that Milan spend their money badly and we don’t have a scouting network like Roma and Fiorentina. Well, Roma have only qualified for the Champions League once in the past five years while Fiorentina didn’t make it once.

“Milan have not made a loss in the past two years while other clubs have mountains of debt. Last year, all of our youth teams made it to the final four. Big presidents from abroad are all calling me, asking me what is going on because they cannot understand it.

“I went to Madrid this summer to sign Kaka without any appointment and they threw open the doors to the offices of Real for me. When I went to Barcelona in August 2010 to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic, former president Sandro Rosell cut short his family holidays on purpose to greet me.”

Despite the sense of bitterness at his exit, Galliani insists he will continue to support the club, whatever his future.

“Stepping down before the Ajax game seemed too hostile an act towards the team, who I will support for the rest of my life,” said the 69-year-old. “My affection for the president Berlusconi is unchanged and unchangeable.”

4 responses to “OFFICIAL: Adriano Galliani Announces Milan Exit

  1. Grazie per tutto, Galliani. Lavoro veramente incredibile e indimenticabile dal 1986 a oggi.

    Benvenuto fra noi ancora una altra volta Paolo Maldini. #Maldini # capitano # leggenda # cuore rossonero # dinastia Maldini!

    PS: According to SkyJuve ops… Sky Italia San Paolo will relplace Adriano Galliani. What a day!


    • All good things come to an end…
      Proud to have witnessed few of Galliani’s years at Milan.
      It’s no secret that Paolo is set to finally get a descent role, but time will tell if he is about to be the CEO or DS.
      Well, at least let’s hope that good days are coming! 🙂


  2. It’s going to take some time before Maldini&Sogliano build a team like we had from 2002 to 2007 – it’s almost impossible to repeat the team we had from 1987 to 1995.

    But we need a fresh start for sure.


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