Could Kaka Be The Best Thing That Has Happened To Balotelli?

Has Balotelli been given a guardian angel?

Italy star Mario Balotelli had a great start of the season – running on the field like it is a matter of life, scoring, shooting high whilst holding an impressive penalty record. Simply said, he had it all. However, it had all receded from the picture perfect on 22 September.

Napoli. That is Balotelli’s negative turning point of the season.

Having suffered the first defeat at home to the Naples-based side since April 1986, Super Mario’s record of 26 consecutive penalty goals had finally been broken. Just to add the fuel, he was also booked, hit the crossbar, had another penalty appeal turned down and brought the game to life with a brilliant stoppage time goal – eventually to be sent off after receiving a second booking for arguing with the referee after the final whistle.

After the pretty eventful late September evening, it all started to decline.

The court suspension had finally passed, but the struggle didn’t seem to end. He had been missing out on vast opportunities, pleading for plenty penalty appeals, being absent-minded during games and overreacting now and then.

Well, that was the story up until the moment when the grand Rossoneri leader Kaka had decided to shift the gear and show everyone that he has never actually been gone.

To everyone’s satisfaction, Ricky has risen high, scored three consecutive goals and provided his teammates with numerous millimeter precise passes – and guess who seems to appreciate the helping held the most? You got it, right, that is striker Balotelli.

Kaka’s form has seen a significant rise, along joined by Balotelli’s. The past weeks, the 23-year-old has been earned himself a real guardian angel, keeping trouble’s easy-reaching claws off the Italy international. Do you remember the moment Ricky approached Balo, calming him down as if he was saying, “Hey, get hold of yourself, don’t lose your temper. Your presence is essential on the field.” Balotelli has actually found an older brother in Kaka.

Now the main question is, is the fans’ favorite able to help Balo stay out of trouble for good?

So far so good, as he has been able to end scoring drought and is already counting two in a row. Whilst, our hero Kaka is doing a tremendous job as a leader and an example both on and off the pitch. Who knows what the future holds, but it is inevitable that Balotelli gets to change his attitude and let the will to play football step out of the shadow of his temper. He needs to change, for the sake of his career – and Kaka could not have arrived at a better moment to help him achieve that.


What do you think?

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