SPECIAL: Top 10 Kaka Goals For Milan

My list of hero’s top braces in the Rossoneri’s jersey!

No. 10: Vs. Inter

We’re taking off with Kaka’s favorite Serie A side, city rivals Inter. They are the club who got to taste the goals cake for the first time back in 2003, as Ricky has been their worst nightmare ever since.


No. 9: Vs. Anderlecht

A long range killer shot in one of the greatest games he has ever played.


No. 8: Vs. Lazio 2008/2009

Up next, the twins. I like to call them “the twins” because the two goals are totally identical. First check this one out!


No. 7: Vs. Lazio 2013/2014

Ok, now watch this…


No. 6: Vs. Siena

One of his greatest specialty – long run up the field spiced up with a tremendous dribble and it’s into the net!


No. 5: Vs. Empoli

Hey there ‘keeper! What’s up?


No. 4: Vs. Reggina

One two three, I’m taking the ball with me. Until you count to four, the goalkeeper is already down on the floor.


No. 3: Vs. Celtic

“You can’t stop me no matter what you do. Keep on moving, no looking back at you.” P.S: That is a verse of Selina Herrero’s single “You can’t stop me”.


No. 2: Vs. Fenerbahce

Kaka easily goes past the entire Fenerbahce defence. No sweat, no sweat at all.



No. 1: Vs. Manchester United

Finally, the goal I admire the most. You could just feel your heart melt by merely looking it. It’s absolutely a feast for the eyes directed by our midfield Maestro.

I sympathize with Patrice Evra and Gabriel Heinze, though… Anyway, enjoy!

Is this your favorite Kaka goal as well? Do you have a different view on this manner? Either one, please feel free to share your favorite goal or list of goals!


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