E-book: The Footsteps of a Legend

The Footsteps of a Legend – Ricardo Kaka

by Martina Alcheva

An ultimate chance to sneak a peak into the e-book!

Legend’s life until mid-2011 described in 34 pages.

May not sound flattering, but it’s easy-readable. There are few pictures on every single page that represent an important event which has been mentioned in the content. As described in the e-book, the Title symbolizes Kaka’s footsteps to glory, what he has gone through in order to become one of World’s best midfielders. As for the Cover – Ricky is pictured as an non-stop cheerful person and those legs, as you may guess – represent the actual steps of his.

The content is divided in several parts which create the timeline of the events from the very beginning (1982, when he was born), moving up to 1989, 1994, 2000 and eventually you get to see the year 2011 and season 2010/2011. All those years have their own stories to tell, which is why I won’t reveal many details.

Kaka’s beginning, childhood, wishes, interviews, quotes, awards, period of happiness and joy, period of sadness and tears… reveling some facts that are unknown to most of his fans, exclusive interviews of his relatives and close friends back in the years, favorite things in life – such as food, book, genre of Music, singer and song, favorite color, free time activities, brands, adverts.

In addition, you get to sneak a peak into his family’s life as well. What his parents Bosco and Simone do for living and Digao’s career; Caroline’s childhood and how she met Kaka back in 2001.

The moment his life got questioned => Sao Paulo’s fortunately breakthrough => Milan’s scouts and the decision whether to move abroad => World’s best player of year 2007 => Deep crisis Milan and the need to sell him to Real Madrid => Tough period filled with so many ups and downs – is how the story in the e-book goes.

After vast years of collecting information and only two spent of writing, the official version of the e-book get published and awarded with a free download free on 8 March 2012. After a period of seven months, on 4 October 2012, it had reached a number of total 1000 downloads. In addition, the  total number of downloads has climbed up to 4000 in April 2014. (An enormous thanks to all of you!) 900 out of 1000 downloads were recorded only on the previous download link. The rest take credit from the newer and fresher link uploaded in order to take file’s side down for more credibility.

*I apologize for the watermarks (I know nobody likes them). However, when it comes to things that have been made by a single person on his own which can easily get on the Internet, everyone has the right to own them. The watermarks are here to give a helping hand in order to prevent those kind of actions. I appreciate the understanding, though.

Well, thank you all for reading this and for downloading the e-book. If you haven’t done that yet, hopefully this short inside article has removed all your doubts – you know where to download it!

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