Blog’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why is it called “Martina22acm’s blog”?

For the simple reason to make it unique. While there are vast blogs and sites all around the web named after Milan, this one is named after its creator. “Martina22acm’s” states author’s possession and lets everyone know that the articles are all written by the author herself. In addition, “22” represents Kaka’s current jersey number and “acm” is a shortcut to AC Milan.

What kind of a blog is it?

It is mainly based on rumors that circle across the world.

We provide the latest, freshest transfer news that have been reported by the Italian, English, German, French and co. press. However, the accuracy of each article is copyright of the source it has been taken from. The admin wants to make sure that none post has ever been a deceiving one because all she does is translate the specified article on English.

Hey, not so fast! “Martina22acm’s Blog” also offers Pro Evolution Soccer faces tutorials: Milan players & Requests by visitors.

Why are there news regarding both Milan and Kaka?

To describe it the accurate way, I will have to use the word “unique” once again. One can surf the whole Net and discover hundreds of separate Milan-related blogs and separate number of Kaka-related blogs. However, it is highly unlikely that it will find a blog that covers both subjects. That’s the case.

The blog was created only a month after Kaka’s departure to Real Madrid, so I decided to cover his further career at the Madrid giant alongside Milan’s.

Why can’t I see the entire background?

The optimized resolution of the site is 1380×768 – the one that I (the admin) use. As a result, if one owns 18.5 or 19 inch monitor, he/she would be able to see the optimized layout of the blog. If any helps, try zoom the tab out (Ctrl+mousewheel).

Why are the article images watermarked?

The answer to that is to keep the copyright. For instance, when you see a surrealistic photo containing two or more players, that is when you know that is a Photoshop montage. That is exactly what the author does – uses programs to merge multiply photos for a specified purpose of the article.

The programs I usually use are Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. Vast blog’s backgrounds have been created via Photoshop except for the previous one (done by a friend – all the credits go to him). The rest – starting from logos, banners, featured images – have been made by the author herself.

Can I become a writer on the blog?

Yes, you can! It may be single-handed blog, but I’m willing to consider Guest Posting.

Guest Post stands for a piece of content the author and the blogger arrange to publish on the blogger’s site for free. The guest post belongs to the author and is attributed to him. It is up to the author which sites to link to within the post and it is up to the blog owner to accept/reject the contribution.

Anyone willing to Guest Post on Martina22acm’s Blog can check the Contact page in order to find out how to get in touch with me.

*: Why isn’t there a chat room?

As it has been written in the WordPress.com writing and editing code, any JavaScript application and widget is automatically denied by the site. Due to security, WordPress has also ruled out the use of Flash apps. For instance, such is the case with the Java-based Chat Rooms.

* – In fact, there is a chat room now. However, as mentioned – it is an “illegal” one.

Why should I subscribe?

The subscription feature is optional. If you decide to subscribe, you will get the chance to receive the newest article on the blog within the moment it has been posted.

Link exchange/Banner exchange – Advertisement?

Don’t hesitate to contact me, Martina, for any kind of the offered options. It doesn’t matter if it is a link or a banner – both are acceptable!

*What are the advantages of a link/banner exchange with your blog?

It will surely help your site/blog gain vast traffic, as well as to the reciprocal link – that is why it is called “exchange”. But hey, we’re bloggers, right? The link/banner exchange is one of the many ways for bloggers to help each other.

Where can I download the E-book “The footsteps of a Legend – Ricardo Kaka”?

You can notice the big cover image when entering the blog  right away, tagged under THE EXCLUSIVE E-BOOK ABOUT KAKA’!. A single click on the sidebar image will lead you to the download link mirrored by MediaFire. For more information, check out the E-book: The Footsteps of a Legend page.

*Note: All offered links or images linking the download page are no virus-magnets – 100% guarantee!! In case you have found a broken link and want to report it, feel free to contact me and the link shall be fixed in no time.

Can I request a PES 6/14 face?

Yes, you can – anytime. The preferred location for that is the comment box or via e-mail… via whatever fits you. The exact face you have requested will be soon posted in the Requests area alongside yours (requester’s) specified name/nickname.

*Note: No need to request faces of Milan players – they are already there! Visit the Milan area in order to see them.

What is the deal with project “INTERVIEW Q&A”?

INTERVIEW Q&A is a blog project for the future. The main goal is to interview few Milan senior team and Primavera team players. However there is a catch – no basic conditions to interview the players face to face, so I will have to use the Social Media.

For more information, go though the initial plan at Future Project: INTERVIEW Q&A.

“Nothing found”, “Error 104” – What should I do?

Don’t worry at all. This means that either you have taken the wrong path on the blog, either you have entered a post that is no longer available – may have been deleted or updated. The moment you see this message, either click on the Home button or simply give the Search box another chance – this time search for something different than before.

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