PHOTO: Milan In 4-2-3-1 Formation

This is what could happen if Milan choose to make another change…

Milan has officially moved to 4-3-1-2 formation, with Mario Balotelli and Stephan El Shaarawy supported by an attacking midfielder. However, the latest transfer rumors suggest that they could be forced to introduce a fresh new pattern in squad.

It is believed that the Rossoneri have assured the signatures of Sampdoria’s Andrea Poli, CSKA’s Keisuke Honda and Fiorentina’s Adem Ljajic, who could either arrive this summer, either in 2014 on a Bosman deal. Nevertheless, the picture below is just an example of what might happen in case all three of them get signed.

Do you like it? Any comments/suggestions on the selection of players?

Should Milan swap their formation to 4-2-3-1?

I’m looking forward to your opinion on this.

13 responses to “PHOTO: Milan In 4-2-3-1 Formation

  1. I thought in 4-3-3 make better with two excellents long-rangers midfields like Muntari and Montolivom for me it’s a great formation, but liked a lot of this one too.


    • I’m glad you like it 🙂 Well – if we sign the three midfielders, as written – this would be the ideal formation in my personal opinion. If not, never mind 😀
      4-3-3 is flattering, but observing the fact that we have signed an attacking midfielder – Saponara (and it is very likely that we will buy another one), 4-3-3 seems to be out of consideration.
      Thank you for sharing your precious opinion, dear Wantuyr. Really appreciate that! 🙂


  2. But seriously speaking i think emmanuelson will do much better in the midfield next season if he is given the chance, the boy is very creative & also fast in dribbling.


  3. But seriously speaking i think emmanuelson will do much better in the midfield next season if he is given the chance, the boy is very creative & also fast in dribbling. He’s young & has a bright future.


    • To be honest, so do I. I had doubts whether to inset Emanuelson in “Rotation” with Honda, but eventually…
      Anyway, thank you for sharing your opinion, dear.
      Stay tuned! 🙂


  4. I find this formation to be great. We played it few times last season and it looked really attractive. Now that we have a real attacking midfielder – Saponara (and hopefully Honda) it would be even more suitable. I’m not convinced with El Sh playing support striker in 4-3-1-2 formation. I think we will bring Ljajić but after Santos gave up on Robinho it will probably be on the Bosman next summer. Still, it will be a great shot.

    Also, I think that transfer window just started for Milan. I expect to get rid of Amelia, Nocerino, Traore, Antonini and Vila. If Galliani gets any relatively good offer for Robinho or Boateng he will took it.
    Mamadou Sakho would be great defense option to buy (can be deployed as left back if needed). For the midfielder we should bring some young prospect.

    Keep up the good work Martina! 🙂


    • Totally agree 🙂
      Well, Amelia has reportedly asked for a contract termination (as we have Gabri as vice-Abbiati); neighbor Inter sounds like the most suitable option for Nocerino, Traore (ugh, I wonder who would even be interested in signing him), Antonini could go to new powerhouse Monaco and Didac (I feel sorry that he never got a real chance) will probably return to Spain.
      The thing with Robinho is even a bigger disappointment than the “Mister X” hoax, in my opinion. It is a fact that our officials are stubborn as hell, but Santos proved to be even worse. They got a fortune after selling Neymar to Barca (+ Rafael to Napoli) and they can’t “afford” Robinho… oh, really?
      As far as the defence is concerned, I would be over the moon if we manage to make Man United chance their mind and let Vidic join Milan. Sakho is also a good low cost option, alongside Liv’pool flop Coates.
      Anyway, thank you for the kind words, Pavle. I’m really glad you find my proposed formation alluring.
      Hey… and don’t forget to stay tuned! 🙂
      The warmest regards


  5. Just stumbled on this blog today and i am very impressed. Expecially with the transfer rumours.
    Wud definitely remain a regular and i hope you stay safe and keep up the good work.

    About this post, i wonder why we didn’t make this our formation last year. We had d players to play it and if i remember correctly, d few times we played it, we did well.

    I agree with Pavle and also ur formation on where El sharaaway should play.
    I think it is certain that Honda(now or jan) will come so we have him and Saponara as our trequartista.
    I do not think Ilajic will come even if robinho is sold and i hope he doesn’t as d money shud be used to bolster our defence.
    Niang shuld be given more game time. So i wud prefer him playing from the right.

    From our moves so far though, i believe we wud be playing wit d 4-3-1-2 which is also Allegri’s favourite formation.
    Get rid of some dead weight and bolster d squad appropriately and we are good to go.


    • Thank you for the kind words, dear Kuchini 🙂
      Well, the thing is – it is summer and ya’know, I barely get the time to write anything, but I never miss out on any vital piece of information.
      As far as the topic is concerned, yep, I believe I remember a game when we used 4-2-3-1. In fact it is a fantastic formation for a team that has “hundreds” of midfielders – just like Real Madrid now. Couple midfielders left Milan this summer, and are most likely to be followed by at least another two or three players. That automatically means that we should buy some – but observing the fact that we’re not Monaco, Manchester City, Real Madrid or any other powerhouse on the planet – all we, the fact can do is crave for a “star” to arrive at the end of the transfer window.
      In fact we can’t even sell players like Robinho or Boateng…
      All in all, I see your point and I totally agree with it.
      When things sum up, 4-3-1-2 doesn’t look that bad, but to be able to use the mentioned formation, we HAVE TO sign an experienced playmaker first. We must not give Saponara the burden right away, ’cause if so, the chances that he’d fail to make an impact are enormous. Things should go slow and in a season or two, he will be able to make a mark on that spot. I bet that they wouldn’t want to make the same mistake as with Gourcuff…
      Anyway, thank you for sharing your opinion.
      Best Regards


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