VIDEO: Journalist Hilariously Wrestles With El Shaarawy’s Name

Stephan El Whaatcouldthatby… ?

It may be the perfect time for you to meet and greet new Milan’s star, El Jaharwee!

Ruud Gullit was reduced to fits of laughter as his fellow Sky Sports journalist Jamie Redknapp, who is the son of QPR coach Harry Rednapp, attempted to pronounce Stephan El Shaarawy’s name.

As Redknapp casually slipped “El Jaharwee” into his analysis, Gullit decided he wasn’t going to let it go. The Dutchman jumped in with an immediate: “Who?” Another famous journalist, Jeff Stelling decided to step up and attempt to feed Redknapp a more accurate pronunciation before Gullit gets the giggles.

Eager to dig himself out of a hole, Redknapp accuses Glenn Hoddle of calling the Milan star “Showaddywaddy” earlier in the evening.

Watch the hilarious video just below…


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